Soft Innovation 3

Soft Innovation 3 - of the top of the chair that you pull...

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Surround Sound Chair with Personal Television Problem : There is no clear cut problem regarding the invention of this device; I would say that this device is made specifically to be a luxury. However, it is possible that this item would be valuable to someone with difficulty of hearing and/or can’t see far distances. Solution : I came up with the idea to invent a chair that has built-in surround sound, a personal television screen, and vibration effects to make cable television and movies feel as real as possible. To do this, my design is an elliptical-shaped chair (kind of egg- shaped, for lack of a better word) with a padded cushion to sit on and every other part of the chair being speakers for the surround sound effect. After sitting down, there is a part
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Unformatted text preview: of the top of the chair that you pull down in front of your face that has a television monitor built in to it to enjoy watching television or a movie. The chair “rumbles” every time something exciting happens to enhance the experience of the viewer. Also, underneath the seat of the chair, there is a dvd player and plug-ins for cable tv, video game systems, etc. Below is a sketch of the proposed chair. You must imagine it being in 3D to understand the picture. (Note: not shown is the tv mount that pulls down in front of your face. Patent Search: 1. Combination head mounted speaker assembly and multi-channel audio processing system (patent # 5,684,879) 2. Apparatus for the creation of a desirable acoustical virtual reality (patent # 6,075,868)...
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Soft Innovation 3 - of the top of the chair that you pull...

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