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Issue Spotting Paper - Henry 1 Ryan Henry Mrs Fletcher...

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Henry 1 Ryan Henry Mrs. Fletcher English 1302 26 February 2009 Steroids in Professional Sports In the world of sports today, steroid use is a big problem. Since its introduction into Russian weightlifting, it has been expanding with no signs of stopping. It has spread into every major sport, with usage by every age and race. The use continues to grow, even with a lengthy list of serious health, legal, and ethical concerns. Because of our society's adoration of muscle, athletes put their athletic goals higher on their priority list than their long-term health. From Hulk Hogan to Arnold Schwarzenegger, our heroes all fit the superhuman mold. The government has tried various laws and programs to cut down on usage, but these programs have had little or no effect. It has become one of the biggest problems in organized sports today. In recent years, steroids in sports has been in the media very frequently. Different athletes such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Shawn Merriman, and most recently, Alex Rodriguez have all been found guilty of using this drug to increase their performance on their respected playing field. Some face criminal charges for going as far as lying in court about taking them. When it comes to testing, each sport tackles it differently. The NFL has the strictest policy-its players are subject to year-round drug tests. First-time offenders are suspended for a
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Issue Spotting Paper - Henry 1 Ryan Henry Mrs Fletcher...

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