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Researched Paper

Researched Paper - Henry 1 Ryan Henry Mrs Fletcher English...

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Henry 1 Ryan Henry Mrs. Fletcher English 1302 2 April 2009 Steroids in Professional Sports Steroids have been a major controversial topic in professional sports, especially over the past few years. With big names such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Shawn Merriman, and even Roger Clemens in the media for using banned substances, it’s understandable why a lot of fans are upset over this issue. Steroids, in this paper, will be referred to as any banned substance in professional sports. This includes testosterone boosters and other performance enhancing drugs. I believe it is a good thing for steroids to be illegal in pro sports and that the rules should stay that way. Steroids should be illegal because they give players an unfair advantage, it encourages young kids to use them, and it endangers the athlete’s health. Steroids give the athletes who use them an unfair advantage over other players. Players who use steroids should not be rewarded with broken records and hall-of-fame numbers. They shame the game by taking over all of the record books, when it was the second and third-place guys that worked their butt off in the weight room and on their respected playing field to get where they are in their sport. One source says that “In today’s society people are willing to take great risk to excel in sports and perform their jobs better” (Steroid). This is very true, especially when professional athletes are making as much money as they do these days. However, the only way to make the substance abuse fair in sports is to have it legal and available to all players. However, this would mean that in order for an athlete to become pro, he would have to use
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Henry 2 performance enhancing drugs and risk harming his body. Therefore, there is no reasonable way to have steroids be allowed in pro sports and have the game be fair. When young kids who are involved in sports see there heroes, such as Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds, use performance enhancing drugs, it encourages them to use these substances to make an attempt to be as good as their role models. Alex Rodriguez, who was recently found to have taken some kind of steroid, “felt the need to justify a contract roundly lampooned for its
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Researched Paper - Henry 1 Ryan Henry Mrs Fletcher English...

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