Cons of Gun Control

Cons of Gun Control - Im Ryan and Im going to talk about...

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I’m Ryan and I’m going to talk about the cons of gun control. The Second Amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. In other words, citizens of the US have a right to keep guns in their possession. This is one of our basic rights and the government has no right to take it away. First off, many people in the world own guns so that they have a source of self- defense, if needed. One group of people naively believe that, in the absence of guns, criminal violence would be much reduced. They are quite wrong about that prediction: to the contrary, the strong would be able to bully the weak. Another gun control con we see is that all of the laws to reduce firearms don't stop crime. It doesn’t matter how many so- called "studies" that can show that gun control helps stop crime are offered. It's just common sense. Stealing and murder have been crimes for about the whole time of human beings' time on Earth. There have been all kinds of deterrents for them. Some nations cut your hands off if you're found guilty. However, people keep doing it, don't they? Out of all the gun control cons, this seems to be the most obvious. A criminal couldn't care less about gun control laws! If they want a gun, they're not going to go down and get a background check. They're not going to get cataloged in a government system. But, unfortunately, the law-abiding citizen gets cataloged precisely because he doesn't wish to become a "criminal" in regards to his "right" to own a gun. A good example of why guns are needed in society is the shooting at Virginia
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Cons of Gun Control - Im Ryan and Im going to talk about...

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