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Suppose that 64% of adults own computers (C) and 70% of adults are married (M). Computer ownership and marriage status are independent. Find the probability that a randomly selected adult owns a computer (C) or is married (M). Suppose a bent coin is ipped one time where P(H) = 3=4 and P(T) = 1=4. If a head (H) is ipped, one chip is drawn from a bowl containing 1 red (R) and 4 black (B) chips. If a tail (T) is ipped, one chip is drawn from a bowl containing 2 red (R) and 3 black (B) chips. Given that a red chip (R) is drawn from the bowl, what is the probability that a head (H) was ipped on the coin? Suppose the weight of bags of M&M's follow a normal distribution with mean _ ounces and standard deviation _ ounces. A random sample of 4 bags had an average weight _x = 1.48 ounces with standard deviation s = 0:02 ounces. Suppose we wish to test H0 : _u= 1.50 vs Ha : u not equal 1.50 at the _0= 0.01 signi_cance level. What is the pu value for this test? Suppose a technician randomly selected 100 computer screens sourced from \Screens Unlimited" and determined that a con_dence interval for the
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