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midterm hed 2 - The VCRs popularity was due to the wide...

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The VCR’s popularity was due to the wide availability of low cost porn videotapes that people can now watch in the privacy of their own homes (True) The author alleges that an industry involving the increasing population of the elderly and their sexual issues will experience a boon as adult’s life spans increases (TRUE) Though the telephone had an impact on past generations’ sexual relationships, it seems to have less importance in today’s teen’s relationship (false) The author claims that the line between contraception and abortion is disappearing (true) “Dating” as an adolescent became popularized because of the (depression) The case Baird v. Eisenstadt legalized (the right for people to use birth control even if they were single) The author claims that a huge demographic change is that after school, kids are now (unsupervised at home, possibly leading to behaviors such as smoking and having sex) The author believes the US government strongly supports sex research (false) “Homosexualities” is another term for bisexuality (false) Simon Levay studied the physiological differences in the brains of heterosexual and homosexual males (true) Jesse Helms does not support gay rights or research examining homosexual behavior (true) In 1991, (Magnus Hirschfeld) founded the institute for Study of Sexual Behavior in Germany (Alfred Kinsey) conducted the first and most famous modern scientific sex surveys (Jesse Helms) is against federal funding for sexuality studies Homosexualities refers to (the diversity of homosexual behaviors) Simon LeVay’s research on sexual orientation has been criticized because he assumed all his subjects were (not bisexual men) Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth rarely find themselves represented in the mainstream media (False)
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midterm hed 2 - The VCRs popularity was due to the wide...

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