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HED-final 4 - Prostitution is illegal in every state in the...

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(TRUE) The term sex work serves a dual purpose (FALSE) There is little to no gender or class bias in research on sex work and sex workers (TRUE) Beware of researchers who generalize their findings to all prostitutes, all porn workers, etc (FALSE) In the West, prostitution is not intimately related to the history of pornography (FALSE) Some common stereotypes about prostitutes are that like sex with strangers, they are older women, and they have been trained professionally to have sex Research Priscilla Alexander estimated (10%) of prostitutes in America are street based Heidi Fleiss and Sydney Biddle Barrows are famous: madams Pro Doms are: professionals who offer their clients sadomasochistic scene Surrogate partner’s primary responsibility is to: teach clients sexual skills and assist in the client’s therapy
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Unformatted text preview: Prostitution is illegal in every state in the Unites States, except in certain counties of: Nevada (TRUE) There are over 1.3 million pornography websites operating on the Internet (FALSE) Though the online porn industry generates $1 billion annually, its popularity is predicted to fall and produce much less profit in the future (TRUE) Some experts believe that Internet porn is creating unrealistic expectations among couples in their real life sexual relationships “Mousetrapping” is when an online consumer: is sent to other sites involuntarily when closing out one window David Burt, spokesperson for a Web-filtering company, says that people should be concerned with internet porn primarily due to: the ease with which children can accidentally stumble onto porn sites...
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