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HED-final2 - (TRUE One of the fastest growing populations...

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(TRUE) One of the fastest growing populations of new HIV infections is heterosexual women (FALSE) Most abortions involve people in the teens The majority of adolescents, male and female, used the (male condom) as their method of birth control the first time they had intercourse Half of women had a child by age: 26 What percentage of men have no health insurance in their 20s: 40% (TRUE) Part of the success in getting men to visit the clinic is by incorporating other activities such as basketball and break dancing to clinic visits (TRUE) Focus groups with “key informants” in the community such as high school football coaches and clergy gave crucial information about the types of sexual and reproductive health care services that young men needed (FALSE) Mental health care services are also currently being provided at the clinic (FALSE) The Men’s clinic is decorated the same as most women’s clinics The clientele served at the Men’s Clinic in New York City was primarily: Hispanic
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