HED-final3 - fantasize about the sexual assault (TRUE)...

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Past research suggested that frequent sex increased men’s risk for prostate cancer by: exposing men to various germs and viruses that lead to prostate cancer Men who are (black) have the highest chances of prostate cancer Having (13-20) ejaculation/s a month were linked with decreased cancer risk (TRUE) There is no cure for sex offenders (FALSE) It is uncommon for males to be sexually abused by sex offenders (FALSE) Rape is not an act of sex but only of violence (TRUE) Many sex offenders aggressively deny their offenses when caught (TRUE) Most victims of sexual offenses know their offenders Which is NOT a treatment option for sex offenders: a- Manipulation condition b- Relapse prevention c- Convert sensitization d- Victim empathy e- Arousal re-conditioning Which drug has been used to treat sex offenders: Depo provera “Grooming” a victim means: preparing a victim for sexual assault “Cruising” a victim means: locating a victim During the “post assault” phase, a sex offender will likely:
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Unformatted text preview: fantasize about the sexual assault (TRUE) Taoist traditions emphasize the importance of female sexual desire and sexual pleasure (FALSE) Yoga literally translated from Sanskrit means “calm ejaculation” (TRUE) Hindu sexual views are associated with mythological figures such as Vishnu and Shiva (FALSE) Taoism advocates a life of celibacy and the repression of one’s sexual desires and passions (TRUE) Taoism encourages men to enhance their sexual ecstasy by learning to control their ejaculations According to Taoist belief, sexual behavior is: natural and not sinful This manual discusses the spiritual aspects of sexuality and the positions and techniques to increase sexual pleasure: Kama Sutra The figure “Vishnu” is associated with this religion: Hinduism In Hinduism, this figure is the embodiment of sensual love: Rati This is the Hindu god of love: Kama...
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HED-final3 - fantasize about the sexual assault (TRUE)...

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