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Unit 1 | Ancient Egypt Background Information ARS101 | History of Western Art WESTERN / NON-WESTERN ART In this course we will be examining the art of the western world. This excludes art from many world cultures such as those of Asia, Africa, Mesoamerica, Native American and Islam. This distinction is purely one of organization and practicality. Since this course is designated a chronological survey, as opposed to art appreciation, it is not possible to cover the entire world of art. This is not intended to be a division of judgment on the quality or merits of the art of one civilization over another. It is rather a logical division to enable the student to more easily comprehend the vast amount of material involved. PRE-HISTORIC ART We will not cover pre-historic art, as such, but only make a few observations. In considering something like the cave paintings, it is clear that from the beginning of man’s existence there has been a need to realize thoughts/ideas/rituals/beliefs etc. through imagery. The cave paintings, found throughout France and Spain which were only discovered in modern times, were painted far in the back recesses of caves over successive periods. This indicates that for whatever reason they were produced, and however they functioned, they were deemed important enough to be made. Structures like Stonehenge are likewise evidence of the fact that mankind was willing to go to great efforts to create a structure that was important to their society. Unlike the cave paintings, which were likely painted by only a few individuals at a time, Stonehenge represents the collective efforts of a community. This was made in an age which did not even have the technology of the wheel, and it would have taken an enormous amount of work to haul these massive stones and erect them as they did. So what we now call “art and architecture” have always been important in society, and have been considered worth great effort, even in the days before the emergence of civilization. CIVILIZATION
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U1_background - 2 - Unit 1 | Ancient Egypt Background...

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