South Africa in colour - The rainbow culture in South...

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The rainbow culture in South Africa, it has to be lived, it has to be felt. Actually, there is no single culture in South Africa. It is ethnically so diverse, that you will discover vast and exciting cultural differences when you visit our country.   No wonder that South Africa’s is often referred to as the Rainbow Nation. Our rainbow of  cultures has to be lived, it has to be felt, the rainbow rhythm of Africa.  From modern art galleries to ancient rock art sites, from museums to cultural villages, from  jazz clubs to open air festivals.  African trumpeter statue The kaleidoscope of cultures and cultural elements that went into the blending  process from which the new Rainbow Nation culture is evolving, are as follows;  
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Introduction South African constitution South African Dance Education in South Africa Festivals of South Africa Food in South Africa South Africa government History of South Africa Languages of South Africa
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South Africa in colour - The rainbow culture in South...

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