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Class Presentation Instructions Your presentation should be divided into the following 8 sections and each heading should be stated before the appropriate material is presented. Use the information contained in the article itself. 1. Introduction , Briefy review the general state of knowledge about the research topic. Why was the present study done? 2. Research Question(s). Review researcher's specific predictions, or if it is a "look and see what happens" study, then just state the problem. 3. Subjects. Briefly mention mean age and total number of Ss. (Mention special characteristics only if any—e.g. premature [age adjusted?], Down's syndome.) 4. Apparatus. Experimental set-up: Briefly describe apparatus or training and test situation (dimensions not important) or show picture (xerox) or draw it—this is usually helpful to clarify study; if apparatus special or unusual in some way, mention how. 5. Procedure
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