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Assignment 1 1. Calculate the hardness of a water sample containing 20 mg/L K+, 30 mg/L Ca2+, 50 mg/L Mg2+, 100 mg/L Cl-, and 40 mg/L SO42-. 2. Calculate the TN of a solution containing 30 mg/L glycine (C2H5O2N), 100 mg/L NaNO3 and 50 mg/L NH4Cl. 3. The government is planning to build a new airport with a airport hotel and a small residential area on an isolated island. No industry is allowed to be developed in the planned site. Please calculate the daily water consumption rate and sizing the capacity of an on-site wastewater treatment plant based on the following criteria and the tables of water usage in your class note. Criteria: Population of 20,000; designed airport passenger of 100,000/day; total employee of 5,000; parking space of 1,000; 20 lavatories with a total using frequency of 80/min; one airport hotel with a designed capacity of 2,000 guests/day; 6 restaurants with a designed customer size of 50/hr in each; 80% of the consumed water becomes wastewater; and the unaccounted system losses should not be counted in wastewater. 4. There are two raw water supply sources available for City T: river A and reservoir
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