Abraham Maslow - Abraham Maslow, a famous psychologist,was...

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Abraham Maslow, a famous psychologist,was born April 1st,1908 in Brooklyn, New York. His father hoped he would study to become a lawyer, and Maslow enrolled in the City College of New York. But Maslow became very interested in psychology ,while studying psychology, Maslow theorized that people have certain needs that need to be fulfilled and he classified these needs to form The Hierarchy of Needs.It is an excellent model for understanding human motivation. According to Maslow, the hierarchy of needs consists of five needs which are physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs. He developed his theory of motivation, it described the process progress from basic needs, such as food and sex, to the highest needs of what is called self-actuazation. I believe in Abraham Maslow’s thought on the pyramid of logical needs.because every person has certain needs to live and I do have these needs and I’m trying to archive them. Motivation evolves from the lowest level; these needs have to be met before you can move up the pyramid and reach the top,self- actualization. . The 1 st basic step is the physiological needs ,they make up the first level of the needs hierarchy and physiological needs are what to do to maintain the human body. Some examples of the physiological needs include: water,food,heath,sleep,breathing,sex . These primary needs will be required before any person, to survive in their environment. If you didn’t have
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Abraham Maslow - Abraham Maslow, a famous psychologist,was...

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