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Course Plan Working in Group 1 slot = 2 units (90 mins) 10 In-class Group Activities (including Class participation & 01 Group Project Presentations 01 Individual Assignments 03 Quizzes Final Exam Group Activities Group Project Presentations Practical Individual Assignments Chapter quiz in class, on CMS (20 mins) Final exam (60 min) Week Day Chapter Content Quiz 1 1.1 Succeeding in groups 1.2 Defining Group Communication 1.3 The nature of group communication 1.4 Types of groups 1.6 Balance: The guiding principle of group work 2.1 Group development stages 2.2 Group goals 2.3 Group norms 2.4 Characteristics of effective groups Forming Groups 3.1 Member needs 3.2 Member roles 3.3 Member confidence 3.4 Member assertiveness Individual Assignment Guidelines 4.1 Heterogeneous groups 4.2 Barriers to understanding others 4.3 Personality dimensions 4.4 Cultural dimensions 4.5 Gender dimensions Group Assignment Guidelines 5.1 What is leadership? 1
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Course_Plan_WIGB_Summer_2011_Block_3 - Course Plan Working...

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