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Multivitamin Review Checkpoint SCI 241 Crystal Webb 09/23/10 What are some of the benefits you stand to receive by taking it every day? By taking vitamins every day we are giving out bodies the essential vitamins that we need to stay healthy and fight of infections and diseases. We may not find all of the vitamins we need in the foods that we choose to eat. Taking a multivitamin insures that we are giving our bodies what they need. Does taking a multivitamin every day raise your intake of a particular vitamin or mineral to near- toxic levels? No, taking a multivitamin every day will not bring your vitamin or mineral near toxic levels. The recommended dosage is one a day. You would have to take a whole bottle to reach toxic levels.
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Unformatted text preview: The amounts of vitamins and minerals are at the minimum amount to leave room for our food intake. However, if a person does not follow directions and they take more than the recommended dose they could run into trouble. What are the consequences of toxicity? There are different consequences depending on which vitamin has been taking at toxic levels. Toxicity from some vitamins can even cause death. One of the consequences of toxicity is, Hypervitaminosis A which causes, liver failure, reduced bone density, blurred vision, hair loss, and vomiting. This is caused by taking too much vitamin A. Another consequence is Hypercalcemia which is caused by taking too much vitamin D. Toxicity can cause permanent consequences....
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