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Three Day Activity Analysis Checkpoint

Three Day Activity Analysis Checkpoint - have time to drive...

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Three Day Activity Analysis Checkpoint Sci241 Crystal Webb 10/02/2010 What everyday changes, if any, might you make to increase the amount of energy expended in your day-to-day activities? I cannot make any changes to increase the amount of energy expended in my daily activities. I have started a new job and it keeps me very busy. I am working a convenient store which requires me to do a lot of cleaning, walking, cooking, and stalking items. I climb stairs and carry things up and down at least three times a shift. Then I come home and clean my house and cook dinner. Since I have been working evening I have started to walk for an hour in the morning instead of at night. It seems to give me more energy throughout the day. According to the website my physical activity score is a 100 out of a 100. What types and amounts of exercise would work best for you? I think walking works best for me right now because it is something I enjoy doing. I do not
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Unformatted text preview: have time to drive to a gym and a morning walk fits into my schedule. I try to walk at least an hour a day but sometimes it does not always happen. I know I am getting a lot of exercise at work but I do not want that to take place of my normal exercise routine. The hardest challenge for me is trying to find the time and energy that is why it is easier for me to walk in the morning. Sometimes it is just not possible because of the house work, laundry, kids, and school work that all needs to be done. Can the activities be performed year-round? If not, can you suggest alternative activities and locations for inclement weather? I cannot walk all year round. The weather gets cold and I do not feel safe walking in the snow. I have an exercise machine that I use at home for the days I cannot be outside walking. It is a Gazelle. It is like a combination of walking and skiing. It is a lot of fun and my children also enjoy using it....
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