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ADJ235 - CheckPoint - Undercover Operations

ADJ235 - CheckPoint - Undercover Operations - wrong or...

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CheckPoint: Undercover Operations Ronda White University of Phoenix, Axia College ADJ 235 December 6, 2010 Facilitator, George DeAngelis
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I believe it is ethical to use undercover policing to catch criminals. The expression “it takes one to know one” sometimes is very true. An undercover agent who befriends and learns how to think like a criminal can be led into some very dark places of the criminal underground and uncover even larger problems then intended with the initial undercover operation. If people are intentionally committing crime then they deserve to be observed by an undercover officer and arrested along with any other criminals and activity they may be involved with. Those who believe it is so wrong to use undercover tactics do not realize that what the criminals are doing is
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Unformatted text preview: wrong or believe the consequences to the undercover officer are too extensive. I do support undercover operations but I also believe that they should mainly be used for major criminal activity and not to be wasted on petty crimes. The argument against undercover operations states that truth telling is moral and lying is unmoral. If telling the truth is so moral then when an officer approaches and asks a criminal if he or she is breaking the law, the criminal should simply tell the officer about what he or she is involved with and hand over the evidence to prosecute him or her. That would be the moral thing to do. The truth is most criminals do not possess morals and this is why they have fallen into criminal activity....
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