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ADJ 235 - Week 4 - CheckPoint Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

ADJ 235 - Week 4 - CheckPoint Law Enforcement Code of...

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Code of Ethics 1 CheckPoint: Law Enforcement Code of Ethics Ronda White ADJ 235 December 15, 2010 Facilitator, George DeAngelis
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Code of Ethics 1
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Code of Ethics 2 I believe police officers should be the poster child for the customer service industry. Looking back to what law enforcement was originally created to do, serve and protect the public. I see them as customer service representatives because what they deal with daily and how they handle those situations. Becoming a police officer requires more then chasing criminals. That may be what some recruits do not completely understand. I believe there should be proper training and education involved in the process of becoming a police officer. I believe the law enforcement code of ethics and the police subculture are fine the way they are. Where the conflict stands, and what needs to change, is the officer reading and abiding by those laws and codes. The question is; when do officers act like
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Unformatted text preview: storybook officers? They act accordingly when they are helping the elderly or when they are around someone he or she respect. My point is that the officers can abide by these codes if they choose to but often-times choose not to because they are power hungry tough guys who see everyone as a criminal. The text mentioned how officers are treated as guilty until proven innocent when they are being investigated internally, and additionally they are not allowed advancement. This causes friction between the officers and authority groups. I want to indicate that civilians, when arrested, receive the same treatment. The law states that the accused are innocent until proven guilty. Anyone who has been arrested can attest that this is not the way it works. This is a perfect example of how police officers believe they are above the law and deserve privileges the rest of us do not....
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