ADJ 235 - Week 6 - Movie Review Assignment

ADJ 235 - Week 6 - Movie Review Assignment - Running head...

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Running head: MOVIE REVIEW 1 Movie Review Ronda White University of Phoenix, Axia College ADJ 235 January 11, 2011 Facilitator, George DeAngelis
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MOVIE REVIEW 2 Movie Review The movie chosen, I believe to be a courtroom thriller, A Few Good Men . This movie is staged to confront moral issues in society. These moral issues will create legal dilemma. Not only create dilemmas, also questions of the United States Navy are raised. The questions occur because of a scandal that hurts the reputation of the United States Navy. This courtroom thriller stars Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon, Cuba Gooding Jr, Demi Moore, and Jack Nicholson. Each actor plays a significant part for their character. The characters in A Few Good Men face moral dilemmas. Lt Kaffe is played by Tom Cruise; he is a young lawyer who has to defend two Marines who are accused of murder. The two marines are Downey, and Dawson, and the victim Santiago. It is discovered that the two marines practice something called Code Red. This is known as unofficial disciplinary measure. It is thought that if a member of the team slacks on his or her responsibilities, the other members will suffer also. In turn, the squad will make that person pay. The officers, Downey and Dawson are accused of murder. A cloth is found stuffed down Santiago’s mouth. In turn Santiago suffocated. The suspect’s argument was that this was a direct command given. They were to initiate code red against another Marine. This marine was not living up to the strict agenda of the Marine Corporation. It was discovered that the one who ordered the code red was Colonel Jessup. This order was to be a secret. One attempt made to cover this up is discharge papers were produced falsely. The action of Colonel Jessup was a crime and unethical to the law, also the United States Marine Corps. One ethical issue in this movie is the unintentional murder by the two marines, and another is Colonel Jessup initiating a code red, and trying to cover it up. Although Jessup thought he was doing right by his people, the way that he did it, created an ethical dilemma. The dilemma is that he did not follow orders that his superiors gave, and he put his subordinates in
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ADJ 235 - Week 6 - Movie Review Assignment - Running head...

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