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Capstone Discussion Question I have learned that the ethical issues that face the criminal justice professionals are extremely serious. They must treat every individual equally even when evidence seems to be circumstantial or one wants to make assumptions. The ethical issues that criminal justice professionals face may not always result in a right and/or wrong outcome. Conclusions about particular cases may result in decisions, which have two outcomes, which are judicially correct, ethically questionable, and complex. I have learned that my own ethical framework is based upon how I was reared as a child. My ethics and judgments are created upon my education, background, and morality. I sense that in the career field of public service that my own ethics will be tested, and they may change. I think that seeing and listening to stories of people with different successes and failures in life may help me develop my ethical framework further.
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Unformatted text preview: This course has impacted my professional plans in a many ways. I have developed a genuine interest in becoming a social worker. I know this job will test my ethics on a daily basis from minor self-reflective questions to difficult more impact-making questions. For example, a self-reflective question would be; I could drive as fast I need, and break speed law maximums without fault, but should I if it is unnecessary? A large ethical question would be should I report a family to child services, knowing that I will be breaking up a family, causing ties to be broken, foster care to occur, but it may help the child succeed. I understand these choices will be complex, but I know this course has prepared me for these ethical and moral challenges. I am sure that social work training will also provide me with supplemental education and support so these questions are handled ethically and correctly....
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