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ADJ 235 – Week 3 – DQ #2 When is noble-case corruption, such as the Dirty Harry problem, justifiable? Must law enforcement use extreme means to catch criminals? Explain your answer. What does noble-cause corruption mean? This is corruption committed by police officers who care too much about their work for a means to a positive end. This corruption is committed in order to get the criminals off the streets and to protect the innocent. This may include protecting children from predators that inflict pain and suffering. Police may sometimes be so obsessed by fighting crime that they use every possible means to secure convictions of criminals. This is when the “Dirty Harry” syndrome receives the upper hand: provided the desired results are obtained, who cares how it happened? I believe in instances that regard children and drug distribution I may deem noble-cause
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Unformatted text preview: corruption as justifiable. For instance if a “magic pencil” is used to get a search warrant that may lead to crime being stopped or a criminal caught, this may be justifiable. I do not deem excessive force to be justifiable. There is too much chance for false information to be given as so the force stops. In certain instances I believe that police must use extreme means such as the aforementioned to catch criminals. Undercover work and deception to catch a criminal is necessary to get into criminal life and activity. Most criminal activity will not be brought to light by victims for fear of the criminals finding out. These situations can be life threatening to the victims if the criminal parties find out the victims have gone to authorities....
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