Interpretation of Ethical Systems - ADJ 235

Interpretation of Ethical Systems - ADJ 235 - rules;...

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Ethical Systems 1 Interpretation of Ethical Systems Ronda White ADJ 235 University of Phoenix, Axia College December 1, 2010
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Ethical Systems 2 Interpretation of Ethical Systems What would I do if I had witnessed a fellow classmate that I hired with the permission of the store owner, steal clothing from the store? This is an interesting dilemma because I have been faced with a similar situation in my life. The only difference was that I was not my classmates manager, therefore I did not hire her, but I did witness her stealing from the store. First, in order to address the four major ethical systems, I need to seriously evaluate how I would handle the situation. With ethical formalism in mind, I would tell myself that no matter how much of a friend to me this fellow classmate is, or how long that I have known this person, it is still unconditionally important to obey the
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Unformatted text preview: rules; stealing the clothing is against the rules, therefore I must report my friends’ actions to the owner, and do this knowing that because I was the one who hired this person, I would need to prepare to fire this person for their actions. With utilitarianism, religion, and natural law in mind, I would realize that it is in the best interest for the rest of the employees, myself, and the owner to remove any person who would steal from the store. I would also automatically know that it is against Gods will for a person to steal anything because it is one of the Ten Commandments, “Thou shalt not steal.” Knowing this I could not willingly assist this person by allowing her to steal and not report her to the proper authority. Besides, it would be against my own morals to not report the situation; stealing is against the norms of society....
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Interpretation of Ethical Systems - ADJ 235 - rules;...

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