C11 Tree Walk Assignment

C11 Tree Walk Assignment - ESPM C11 Tree Walk...

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Unformatted text preview: ESPM C11 Tree Walk Assignment—pg. 1 L&S C30U/ESPM C11 TREE WALK Spring 2011 WEEK 2: SECTION MEETS AT #1 ON THE MAP BELOW, THE WEST CIRCLE. THIS IS THE GIANT EUCALYPTUS NEAR THE BOOTH AT THE WEST GATE TO CAMPUS. WORKSHEET DUE WEEK 2 IN SECTION You will be visiting the trees described below in section week 2, and will hand in the attached worksheet in section meeting. The worksheet is worth 1 point and you will be given a score of 0 pts (no worksheet or scribbled); .5 pts (cursory job); 1 pts (complete, shows some thought). You are assigned a tree species based the first letters in your last name (see the next page to see which tree you are assigned). The worksheet asks you to find out something interesting about the tree you are assigned, so that you can orally report on it during the section meeting Week 2. Try to answer every question, but in some cases it may prove impossible and we will understand that. Have something to say that is of interest to the others in the class. During section, and we will understand that....
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C11 Tree Walk Assignment - ESPM C11 Tree Walk...

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