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ESPM c11 syllabus 2011 Jan 12

ESPM c11 syllabus 2011 Jan 12 - ESPM C11/L&S C30U AMERICANS...

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Syllabus ESPM C11/L&S C30U pg. 1 ESPM C11/L&S C30U A MERICANS AND THE G LOBAL F OREST 2011 TTH 3:30 to 5 pm Professor Lynn Huntsinger 313 Hilgard Hall Email: [email protected] Office Hours: 1-3 pm Wednesdays, 313 Hilgard Hall, or by appointment. Check bspace for updates. Course Code: ESPM C11: 28930 L&S C30U: 51806 All readings are posted on BSPACE. Course questions: 1. How have human values and practices shaped forest ecosystems? 2. What are some of the major ecological forces shaping forest ecosystems, and how do people influence them? 3. What is the government role in protecting conservation values and ecosystem services provision on private lands? 4. Can Americans help to conserve forests and wildlife in the rest of the world? 5. Who should decide how American national forests and other public lands are managed? 6. Are food production and forests compatible? 7. How can forests help to mitigate climate change? 8. What is fair, when it comes to decisions about forests? At what scale should decisions be made and who should be included in decision making? Graduate Student Instructors: Kayje Booker: [email protected] Kevin Krasnow: [email protected] Eric Waller: [email protected] Sections: M 9-10A, 2062 VALLEY LSB M 12-1P, 2319 TOLMAN Tu 10-11A, 79 DWINELLE W 10-11A, 2062 VALLEY LSB Th 10-11A, 2305 TOLMAN F 10-11A, 101 WHEELER It is my experience that people who stick with it and want to add the class are able to do so. You just have to wait until a space opens up, and it usually does. It makes no difference to anyone whether you take L&S C30U or ESPM C11, so check each. SEE: http://schedule.berkeley.edu/srchsprg.html INTRODUCTION This course challenges you to think about how natural resource management and human values affect forest ecosystems around the world. The consequences of different ways of thinking about the forest as a
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Syllabus ESPM C11/L&S C30U pg. 2 global ecosystem and as a source of goods like trees, water, wildlife, food, jobs, and services are highlighted. The scientific tools and concepts that have guided management of the forest for the last 100 years, and the laws, rules, and informal institutions that have shaped use of the forests, are analyzed. Though any ecosystem could be the topic of a course like this, forests as a topic is an excellent way to compare different disciplinary and cultural perspectives. Because the course covers a wide territory, guest speakers are sometimes invited to address diverse topics related to forest ecosystems and people.
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