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Male reproductive conditions

Male reproductive conditions - exposure elevated androgen...

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Learning Supplement: Male Reproductive Conditions Condition Etiology Manifestations Management Epididymitis Trauma, urinary reflux,Infection: prostate, UTI, STD Local pain Edema Bedrest, ice, elevate scrotum Antibiotics, STD teaching No infection: analgesics and anti- inflammatories Orchitis Adult mumps, prostatitis, STD, TB Similar to epididymitis Similar to epididymitis; Prophylact gamma globulin Antibiotics;Possible decreased fer Hydrocele Unknown or history of trauma Increased risk of testicular CA Painless unless large Positive trans-illumination Bedrest, elevate scrotum Aspirate fluid Varicocele Incompetent venous valve = venous stasis Asymptomatic when supine Heaviness of affected side especially with activity Scrotal support Ligature of spermatic veins Monitor sperm count and fertility Testicular Cancer Hx of cryptorchidism trauma, torsion, viral infections, DES
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Unformatted text preview: exposure, elevated androgen levels Painless testicular enlargement with heaviness; Palpable mass or nodes, mets Elevated AFP & gonadatropin 95% curable Biopsy Orchiectomy, chemo &/or radiatio Sperm banking Testicular self exam BPH Hormonal stimulation & possible prostatic growth factor abnormality Urinary frequency, diminished urinary stream, difficulty starting urination, overflow incontinence, obstruction Relieve obstruction Rule out prostatic cancer TURP, Kegel exercises Prostatic Cancer Unknown(Genetic and environmental factors) Asymptomatic early in disease; Late symptoms similar to BPH Mets usually present at diagnosis; Elevated PSA Hematuria; Pressure on surrounding tissue Depends on stage at diagnosis PSA checks Transurethral ultrasound Check for mets Hormones, radiation, surgery, wat...
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