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Learning Guide Module 10 – Assisting a Patient to Eat Chapter 36: 1. Why is it important that an individual follow recommended dietary guidelines?   2. What tools are available to assist the nurse in evaluating a patient’s diet for adequacy?  3. What food items are recommended by the US department of agriculture “My  Pyramid”         guidelines and RDA guidelines to improve the American diet? 4. What are the consequences of a person who has decreased food intake? 5.   What are the consequences of a person who has increased food intake? 6. What are measures that the nurse can implement to assist in stimulating a patient’s appetite?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. How can the nurse assist in feeding a patient and still maintain dignity? 8. What are safety measures to maintain when feeding a patient? 9. What are specific safety measures to prevent aspiration? 10. What does it mean if a patient is ordered to be NPO? When is this implemented? What comfort measures can be implemented when the patient is NPO? 11. When is a patient given a clear liquid diet? What foods are allowed? 12. What foods are included on a full-liquid diet? Is this a permanent diet? 13. As the patient advances to a soft diet, what foods would be allowed?...
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