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Learning Guide Module 11 – Intake and Output 1. What are the two main reasons why we measure intake and output? 2. What conditions would warrant the need for measuring a patient’s intake and output? 3. What devices are used in collecting and measuring intake and output? 4. What types of items are measured as intake? 5.  What types of items are measured as output? 6.  When is an intake and output worksheet used?  What is documented on the intake and  output flowsheet?   7.  What is a nursing diagnosis for the patient whose intake and output measurements were 
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Unformatted text preview: disproportionate to each other? 8. What are causes for error in measuring and recording intake and output? 9. What is the single most important indicator of fluid status in a patient? 10. What guidelines are used in obtaining the height and weight of a patient? 11. What devices used in measuring height and weight and rationale for use? 12. How would you document height and weight?...
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