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SBAR ACTIVITY #1ANSWER Mrs. Scammel was admitted to your unit one week ago with a diagnosis of UTI(urinary tract infection). The client has dementia and is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow. When you go in her room to make your rounds, Mrs.Scammel tells you that her vision is blurred and she has pain in her right eye. The conjunctiva of the eye is red and looks inflamed. You also notice some crusty drainage on her upper and lower eyelids. You suspect the client may have an infection in her eye or she may have injured her eye. You want to notify the MD about the problem before the client is discharged. *S-My name is_____. I am calling regarding your patient Laura Scammel Room 206. She is c/ o blurred vision and pain in her right eye. She is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow. *B-She was admitted to the hospital one week ago for a UTI. She has dementia and is on the following medications. *A-The conjuctiva of her right eye is red an inflamed and there is some crusty drainage on
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