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Learning Guide for Spirituality Spirituality 1. What are the differences among religion, spirituality, and faith? P 1250 Religion: a belief system about God or a supreme being, including rituals and traditions. A service to God, organized within a specified set if beliefs and practices. Spirituality: the experiences and expressions of one’s spirit in a unique and dynamic process reflecting faith in God or a supreme being; and integration of the dimensions of mind, body, and spirit. A sense of connectedness with oneself, others, nature, or God that has both vertical and horizontal dimensions. Faith: belief in or commitment to something or someone greater than oneself that helps oneself realize his or her purpose. Belief without proof. 2. What is spiritual health? P 1252 Refers to a state of wholeness of the spiritual dimension. Includes the following: Sense of personal fulfillment Sense of peace with the self and the world Ability to discover and articulate a basic purpose in life Ability to experience love, joy, peace, and fulfillment Ability to live in wholeness consistent with the values of community and self 3. Describe the practices of the major religions? P 1253 Christianity: The central figure in Christianity is Jesus of Nazareth, considered the Christ, the Savior. One of the largest world religions, with 3 predominate groups: o Roman Catholic Church Relies on scripture and tradition Members must attend services regularly Participate in the sacraments of the faith o Baptism o Confirmation o Communion o Confession o Sacrament of the sick (healing) Spiritual care: be sensitive to the need for quiet prayer time, priest to administer communion and sacrament of the sick; may want pictures of saints or angels in the room for spiritual & emotional comfort. o
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Module 6_Student-LearningGuideforSpirituality - Learning...

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