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Algae production costs more due to the research that still needs to be done for it A) Algae research still needs to be done to figure out the certain variables associated with its production. 1) "Another problem is that there hasn't been any real testing done with yet algae biodiesel and actual cars." 2) "Older vehicle may not be able to run on biodiesel. It can clog the fuel tank." 3) Algae pools can become contaminated and less efficient   "Leave the algae alone". Low-tech  Magazine. 4 Apr. 2008  - "low-tech methods (comparable to growing corn, soy or palm trees to make  ethanol or biodiesel) are being left behind for more efficient ones, using closed glass or  polycarbonate bioreactors and an array of high-tech equipment to keep the algae in optimal  conditions. Even though some companies still prefer open ponds (like the PetroSun plant that  started production last week), this method has serious drawbacks. The main problem is 
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Unformatted text preview: contamination by other kinds of algae and organisms, which can replace the energy producing algae in no time." 4) Industrial algae biofuel requires too many nutrients "Algae biofuel mania". Stockhouse. 11 June 2008 - "I might point out that some of the more vociferous algae pimps are suggesting that algae need merely be introduced into a properly designed, water filled bioreactor and the organisms will multiply until the unit is packed to overflowing with tons upon tons of green biomass, all in the space of days. This is patent nonsense. Algae can grow quickly, but only in the presence of sufficient nutrients. Just like any other organism, algae require carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and various other minerals." 5)...
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