Debate-Brief - Crystal, Christian, Wei Biofuels: Negative...

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Crystal, Christian, Wei Biofuels: Negative Team Debate Brief Resolution: The U.S. Government should not actively promote the use of bio-fuels. I. Biofues are not a better alternative to fossil fuels. Biofuel technology may improve, but this is not guaranteed and it may require more use of genetic engineering than the public is willing to tolerate. Even if the industry does live up to its boosters’ optimistic promises, biofuels are still not the right focus of our energy policy. They may be a little better than fossil fuels, but they will never realistically replace them entirely, and their promotion takes attention away from more worthwhile approaches. Not only do biofuels let the auto industry continue with business much as usual, they also provide a cover for the fossil-fuel industry by prolonging the life of the oil economy. A much better approach would be to concentrate on reducing our use of energy more radically. This could be achieved through conservation measures, improved fuel efficiency standards, new types of engine, replacing much private vehicle use with public transport provision, better town planning, etc. How will second generation biofuels impact on ecosystems, the carbon cycle and the 1. US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the US Department of Energy (DOE), the Inter- national Energy Authority DOE/USDA report by Perlack 2005 http://feedstockre - If second-generation biofuels was to become viable, it would rely on large-scale refiner- ies, which would need a constant supply of very large amounts of biomass. A 2005 DOE/ USDA report , for example, speaks of using 1.3 billion tonnes of dryn biomass every
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Debate-Brief - Crystal, Christian, Wei Biofuels: Negative...

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