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Third Generation Biofuel Definition-11 Hertwich,Edgar G.; Zhang, Xiangping." Concentrating Solar Biomass Gasification Process for a 3rd Generation Biofuel. " Environmental Science & Technology, 6/1/2009, Vol. 43 Issue 11 “A new concept of producing synfuel from biomass using concentrating solar energy as its main energy source is proposed in this paper. The aim of the concept is to obtain an easy to handle fuel with near- zero CO2 emission and reduced land-use requirements compared to first and second generation biofuels. The concept's key feature is the use of high- temperature heat from a solar concentrating tower to drive the chemical process of converting biomass to a biofuel, obtaining a near-complete utilization of carbon atoms in the biomass. H2 from water electrolysis with solar power is used for reverse water gas shift to avoid producing CO2 during the process. In a chemical process simulation, we compare the solar biofuel concept with two other advanced synfuel concepts: second generation biofuel and coal-to-liquid, both using gasification technology and capture and storage of CO<sub>2</sub> generated in the fuel production. ” *Hertwich,Edgar G, Zhang, Xiangping., Industrial Ecology Programme and Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway. Advanced Biofuel - legal term Definition-02 "( A) In general, the term "advanced biofuel" means “fuel derived from renewable biomass other than corn kernel starch.(B) Inclusions. Subject to subparagraph (A), the term "advanced biofuel" includes-- (i) biofuel derived from cellulose, hemicellulose, or lignin; (ii) biofuel derived from sugar and starch (other than ethanol derived from corn kernel starch); (iii) biofuel derived from waste material, including crop residue, other vegetative waste material, animal waste, food waste, and yard waste; (iv) diesel-equivalent fuel derived from renewable biomass, including vegetable oil and animal fat; (v) biogas (including landfill gas and sewage waste treatment gas) produced through the conversion of organic matter from renewable biomass; (vi) butanol or other alcohols produced through the conversion of organic matter from renewable biomass; and other fuel derived from cellulosic biomass.” (7 USCS § 8101)” *US Legal, Inc. offers a variety of services including legal information, legal products, legal forms, and document preparation.
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What is Biofuel? Definition-01 Giampietro, Mario, Ulgiati, Sergio," Feasibility of large-scale biofuel production." Bioscience ; Oct97, Vol. 47 Issue 9, p587-600 "A biofuel is any type of liquid or gaseous fuel that can be produced from biomass substrates and that
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defination cards - Third Generation Biofuel Definition-11...

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