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Attachment 3 Reinforcer assessment grid

Attachment 3 Reinforcer assessment grid - Reinforcer...

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Reinforcer Assessment Grid Name: Weina Xie Directions: Here are directions for using this grid to conduct a reinforcer assessment: In the section Potential Reinforcers List , list items 1-6 that I selected as possible reinforcers for myself. Offer successive pairs of items—following the presentation order that appears in section II, Pairing of Reinforcer Choices. Allow 5-10 seconds to select one of the two. If the selects an item within the time limit, record the choice. If the fails to choose before the time expires, remove the two reinforcer choices and mark ‘No Choice’. Continue to present sets of two reinforcer choices until all choices have been paired with one another. Summarize the preferences in Section III, Reinforcer Assessment Results . I. Potential Reinforcers List Item 1: Shopping 1 item online Item 2: Chatting on QQ(software) with friends Item 3: Panda express meal plate with 2 entree Item 4: Family sea food buffet at Eldorado Item 5: Playing with baby
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