Behavior Change Project-Wei (Final Final)

Behavior Change Project-Wei (Final Final) - Wei Na Xie SPY...

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SPY 205 Jeremy Biesbrouck Dec. 14 2010 Development of Behavior Change Project to Increase Study Time (Oct.11 2010- Nov. 7 2010) Rationale I choose to increase the amount of my study time. Changing this deficit in behavior will hopefully enable me to study more efficiently. A baseline for the current behavior was established with a mean of 3.97 hours of study per week. I hypothesize that the general quality of my studies may improve if I increase this number by 4 hours and complete my study goal. Operational Definition Study time is defined as the duration of study time without distraction (on-task behavior time). Distraction is defined as any cause that stop me from studying. Baseline Assessment Frequency and length of occurrence will be recording length of time using the computer at home without interruption for school work or switching to other computer activities. Self observation will take place daily in the evening from the hours of 4 to 10pm. (See attachment 1 for data) Functional Assessment Stop studying (off-task) behavior is occurring due to increased recreational programs and activities on personal computer and at home compared to a public computer and place. Antecedent conditions include recreational programs on personal computer, and
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Behavior Change Project-Wei (Final Final) - Wei Na Xie SPY...

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