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The following is a template for your behavior change project. There are 100 points possible. The template also indicates the distribution of points. Behavior Change Project Rationale- This is where you should explain why you want to change the behavior you have shown. ( 5pts ) Operational Definition- this is where we describe the behavior we wish to change in specific, observable terms. ( 20 pts ) Baseline Assessment- this is where we identify the rate of occurrence of the target behavior before we intervene. Describe your plan for baseline observations. Where will observations occur and who will be observing? How long and how often will observation periods be? ( 15pts ) Functional Assessment- This is where we include information regarding our theory as to why the behavior is occurring (function) if we are choosing to decrease a behavior. We would conduct ABC observations recording the antecedents, behaviors, and consequences associated with occurrences of the target behavior. (Describe assessment
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