C&LH 4-30 - 1 4/30 Chapter 10 1. Discriminated...

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4/30 Chapter 10 1. Discriminated avoidance or signaled avoidance (with warning signal) B&W sides of shuttle box; when put in black-shock side of box (wall color is warning signal); animals learn to run into white-safe side; or, if a tone-CS (warning signal) is paired with the US- shock, then they will also learn to run to the other side of the box when crossing into the other side terminates the tone. In both instances, escaping and terminating the warning signal (i.e., the CS that predicts the forthcoming US-shock) enables animals to avoid the shock because they are gone when it occurs. 2. The problem : What is the reinforcement for avoidance learning? "not getting something hardly qualifies as a reward. " 3. One solution: Two-process theory of avoidance Process 1-- classical conditioning --learn conditioned fear to CS; CS-US-- pain is UR-- anticipation of pain is CR--call it "fear" Process 2-- instrumental conditioning --learn an instrumental response that terminates the CS which elicits the conditioned fear, and therefore, the fear is reduced. This is negative reinforcement -- avoidance learning is Xed by the reduction of fear--which is aversive--and not by preventing the shock; R = escape of fear-eliciting stimulus. 4. Example that won't be covered in class : exp group confined to each side of the shuttle box for half the trials (i.e., guillotine door shut) and got 22 inescapable shocks--CS-light/tone + US-shock pairings. Control group got same procedure but never shocked ; did get CSs; then shock turned off, and exp group never shocked again; door to the other compartment opened for both groups. Then, for a series of trials, the CS was presented and remained on until rat turned it off by crossing to the other side of the box,
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C&LH 4-30 - 1 4/30 Chapter 10 1. Discriminated...

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