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101studyguidefirstexam - Mandates(lecture text Causes for...

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POLITICAL SCIENCE 101 Study Guide, First Exam Dr. Herzik Primary functions of government (lecture) Types of power (lecture) The “American Creed” (lecture) Shared values of capitalism and democracy (lecture) “Rights of Man” philosophy (text, lecture) Political culture, definition and key components in US (lecture mostly) American Individualism and diversity (chapter 4 of text) “Extended Republic” and diversity of viewpoints (lecture, see also Federalist #10 ) Factors influencing development of US and Constitution (lecture, text) Failures of the Articles of Confederation Bicameralism, separation of powers, Bill of Rights (lecture, text) Constitutional change (lecture and text) Federalism: definition and eras (lecture, text) Types of grants (lecture, text)
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Unformatted text preview: Mandates (lecture, text) Causes for federal government expansion (lecture, text) Commerce clause, necessary and proper clause (link to federalism) (text) United States v. Lopez (text) McCulloch v. Maryland (lecture, text) Implied powers, reserved powers (lecture, text, reader) Civil Liberties and Rights: definition, limits, applications (lecture and text) 14 th amendment, selective incorporation (text, lecture) Prior restraint, clear and present danger (lecture, text) Limits of citizen rights (lecture) Basic knowledge of what each article of constitution covers Holland v. Missouri (interpretation of Supremacy Clause) (if covered in lecture) “Fundamental Freedoms Doctrine” and “Balancing Doctrine” (text)...
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