chapter 10 media - sets agenda • Agenda Setting Again...

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MEDIA: Pervasive influence on politics Where Americans get information about politics 65% from Television (and increasing) 40% from Newspapers (decreasing) All forms of media are commercial Must have viewers/readers Leads to an emphasis on personality, conflict and dramatic events Distorts risk and fear Good pictures (obviously an important criteria for TV) Limited story substance Technology reinforces media shallowness Despite key role, little governmental oversight First amendment freedoms Equal time and free media are virtually non-existent
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Basic Political Roles Signaler Role: Guide to public what is important,
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Unformatted text preview: sets agenda • Agenda Setting: Again, shallow, often done in “themes” or “Frames”. Usually follows stories over some sort of time frame. • Talent Scout • Handicaps the Race • Public Defender How Viewers Respond: Media Bias? Market Bias: action, bad news, anti-incumbent Bias screened by personal perceptions • Selective Exposure: What media we use • Selective Attention: Which stories we pay attention to • Selective Perception: Your interpretations of the events shown Sound-bites : Small quotes used by media to capture essence of a story. These are also designed by candidates to be used by the media....
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chapter 10 media - sets agenda • Agenda Setting Again...

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