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C&LH 4-30supp - faste r extinction-not slower...

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4/30 Chapter 10 Paradoxical effects of reinforcement on extinction (p. 269) [Must know what and why paradoxical - Paradoxical because total amount of cond inhibition is not sufficient to counteract the accumulated conditioned excitation but don't see extinct as fastis 1. Overtraining : more training trials means build up of more conditioned excitation; this should lead to slower extinction because would need more non rewarded trials to build up enough conditioned inhibition to counteract the total excitation, or V. But overtraining produces faster extinction predicts
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Unformatted text preview: faste r extinction--not slower extinction. 2. Mag of X: should get slower extinction, but instead get faster extinct if mag of X is greater; [same prediction and same explanation as before] 3. PREE: the opposite of 1 and 2 faster extinct if CRF than partial X--respond more if previously had partial extinction--but should be opposite because already had built up some conditioned inhibition had also already built up in acq, so less needed to get in ext and PF group should extinguish faster. But PRF actually leads to slower extinction. 1...
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