Biology: A Guide to the Natural World with mybiology" (4th Edition)

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KroghS10.001 Science January 11, 2011 Topic 1 - Chapter 1 What is Science Biology = Bios (Life) + Logos (Word or Study) I. THREE (Different) DEFINITIONS OF SCIENCE (pg 6-7) A. Science is the body of knowledge accumulated about the universe. B. Science is a process or method for studying nature or the physical world C. Science is a profession, i.e. a group of people. II. WHAT SCIENCE DOES (pg 7-10) A. Strives to understand nature in terms of NATURAL LAWS, without referring to supernatural control. B. Science is a tool to help understand the natural world 1. Freedom from fear of magic or supernatural power 2. Is the foundation of technology C. “Scientific” means a conclusion based on OBSERVABLE, REPEATABLE phenomena of the NATURAL WORLD 1. Empirical: Another term meaning based on observations 2. If a conclusion is not based on observation it is unscientific (but not necessarily false) D. Science often gives Reductionistic or Mechanistic Explanations for Natural Phenomena E. Two Types of Science (Not really very different) 1. Pure or Basic Science 2. Applied Science
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Topic1-WhatisScience - KroghS10.001 Science Topic 1 Chapter...

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