Biology: A Guide to the Natural World with mybiology" (4th Edition)

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KroghS10.015 Chemistry January 7, 2011 CHEMISTRY AND LIFE Topic 2 – Chapter 2 I. Why Study Chemistry A. The Natural World is Matter and Energy B. All Matter is "Chemical" (Fig. 2.1) C. Energy has many forms: Light, Electrical, Electromagnetic, Mechanical, and Chemical D. Living things are made up of chemicals and use chemical energy. E. All life functions have a foundation in chemical activity 1. Nutrition and Health example: “What is a steroid?” “What is a drug?” 2. Environmental issues example: “Pollution is chemical matter in the wrong place.” F. Materialism and materialistic perspectives vs. vitalism II. THE ATOMIC MODEL OF MATTER A. Atoms: basic unit of matter represented by the “Planetary Model” 1. Nucleus of atom made up of: (Fig. 2.2) a. Protons * Determine Atomic Number * Have a Positive Electrical Charge b. Neutrons * No electrical charge * Contribute Weight – isotopes of elements: ( Fig. 2.5) * Not important for basic biology! 2.
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Topic2-Chemistry - KroghS10.015 Chemistry January 7, 2011...

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