Biology: A Guide to the Natural World with mybiology" (4th Edition)

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KroghS10.017 Cell Structure January 7, 2011 Cell Structure and Basic Function Topic 4 – Chapter 4 and 5 INTRODUCTION : The cell is the basic unit of life. Our bodies are collections of many different kinds of cells. The food we eat and the oxygen we breathe must reach and enter each and every cell. The cell is compartmentalized with many organelles. The entire cell and each organelle is surrounded by a membrane. All membranes have the same chemical structure and function in the same way. I. CELLS: THE BASIC UNITS OF LIFE A. Cells possess the fundamental properties of life: Organized Metabolize energy and matter Reproduce B. All cells come from preexisting cells 1. Life evolved once, 3.5 billion years ago 2. Cells produced by splitting (fission) and mitosis 3. In sexual reproduction, first cell formed by fusing two sex cells C. Cells function through chemical activity D. All living things are cells or groupings of cells (multicellular) II. TWO BASIC KINDS OF CELLS A. Prokaryotic cells - the first cells to evolve: 1. Have no "membrane-bound" organelles 2. No nucleus 3. Small, unicellular 4. Reproduce only by fission 5. Make up the Domains of Bacteria and Archaea B. Eukaryotic cells 1. Domain Eukarya: Animal, Plant, Fungi, Protist Kingdoms 2. Contain many organelles and a nucleus: * compartmentalization and specialization within the cell 3. May form multicellular organisms * cells specialize for many different functions
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III. Structure of Membranes A. Membranes are made of Lipids and Proteins: “Fluid-Mosaic ” model. 1.
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Topic4-CellStructure - KroghS10.017 Cell Structure January...

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