Biology: A Guide to the Natural World with mybiology" (4th Edition)

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KroghS10.19 Photosynthesis Jan. 21,2010 Photosynthesis Topic 6 – Chapter 8 I. The Role of Photosynthesis in Ecosystems A. Carbohydrate as fuel and material 1. Producers synthesize sugars with energy from light 2. Sugar may be “burned” for energy (respiration) 3. Sugar is building block for all other organic molecules B. Photosynthesis maintains Earth as an open system II. Overview A. Requirements: 1. Carbon dioxide and water 2. Light energy 3. Functioning chloroplasts, including * chlorophyll * many enzymes B. Products: 1. 6 carbon sugars 2. Oxygen is a waste product C. Reactions grouped into two major steps 1. Light-Dependent Reactions 2. Light Independent Reactions III. Chlorophyll and Sunlight A. Light must be absorbed to be utilized B. Pigment molecules absorb part of light spectrum
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C. Chlorophyll Absorbs Red and Blue, Reflects GREEN * i.e. green light is not used in photosynthesis D. Absorbed light energy excites an electron in chlorophyll molecules E. Electron is passed to electron carrier molecules that generate ATP
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