Biology: A Guide to the Natural World with mybiology" (4th Edition)

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KroghF09.014 History of Life March 28, 2011 History of Life Chapters 18 (pp 341-347) and Chapter 19 Topic 12 I. Classification of Living Things A. The Tree of Life – Fig. 19.9 1. Three Domains 2. Four Eukayotic Kingdoms B. The Science (Art) of Classification: Taxonomy 1. Hierarchical Categories of the Linaean System (Fig. 18.11) 2. Methods of Biological Classification a. Classical taxonomy – groups by similarity (Fig. 18.15) b. Cladistics – method that groups by evolutionary relatedness (Fig. 18.11, 18.14, 18.15) II. Speculation on the Origin of Early Life A. Conditions on Early Earth 1. The Surface: Hot rocks, Volcanoes, No Oceans 2. The Primitive Atmosphere a. Water, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Cyanide b. NO OXYGEN B. Speculations on "Organic Soup" and First Cells 1. Heat, Lightening, Volcanoes, UV Light energized chemical reactions. 2. Amino Acids and other Organic Compounds can be formed from gases of the primitive atmosphere. C.
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Topic12-HistoryofLife - KroghF09.014 History of Life March...

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