Biology day 1 - Biology 14:20 > Orderlevels/layers( (...

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Biology 14:20 Biology- scientific study of life Properties associated with life ->  Order- levels/layers (atoms-molecules-cells-tissue…) Regulation- Homeostasis (ability to maintain a consistent internal  environment) o  negative feedback- sweating to go back to homeostasis o positive feedback- labor, get farther away from homeostasis Growth and development Energy utilization Responding to the environment Reproduction Evolution- species changes over time Levels of life -> 
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Ecosystem: organism in its environment Niche: adaptations Bacteria Single cell (prokaryotic) Archaea Eukarya: mostly multicellular The Process of Science:     Observation Problem Collect Info Hypothesis- possible solution to a problem –statement Experiment- test of the hypothesis Data- #s and figures Conclusions- talks about the validity of the hypothesis Reproduce- Must be able to be done again w/ the same conclusions
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Biology day 1 - Biology 14:20 > Orderlevels/layers( (...

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