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Piper Gunderson June 10,2011 Lab Analysis In the osmosis lab, we did two experiments. Both experiments gave examples of semi-permeable membranes and how they function. In the first experiment, the goal was to determine if starch could pass through a semi-permeable membrane. The goal of the second experiment was to show that osmosis really does happen. In the first experiment, we made several mistakes. While we realized that the goal was to see if starch could pass through the membrane, we thought that putting the starch into the dialysis tube would be the best way to determine it. After completing this, we realized several problems with our idea. To start, in osmosis, the molecules will pass from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. Therefore, by putting the iodine solution on the outside in a higher concentration than the starch that is in the tube, the iodine will travel to the tube in efforts to dilute it. We then decided to change the experiment and make it so the starch solution was
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