Chemistry day 1

Chemistry day 1 - Chemistry 17:22...

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Chemistry  17:22 Scientific method- describes animal behavior and thinking       * Hypothesis- a well thought out idea       * Theory- results of tests that prove true        * Law- Theoretical tests that always prove true       * Observation- What is used to test and look at hypothesis and theory       * reporting data- verbal       * recording data- writing Scientific Notation and the Metric system Po wer -2 Po wer -1 Po wer  0 Po wer 1 Po wer  2 Po wer  3 Po wer  4 .01 .1 1 10 100 100 0 100 00 Note: Number of power is number of zeros for positives Multiplying in scientific notation- multiply the first regular numbers and add the  exponents (2.3 x 10^18)(.02X10^4)=.046x 10^22  YOU MUST HAVE A WHOLE NUMBER SO: 4.6x 10^20 Metric System - Chart KIL O HE CT O DE KA G De ci Ce nti mill i L M 1
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Ie: .0092 L= 9.2 ml 42000 kg=42000000000 mg or 4.2 x 10^10 Lab Reports Lab Number and Title Purpose- Hypothesis, why your doing it Materials Procedure: numbered Results Illustrations Safety
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Chemistry day 1 - Chemistry 17:22...

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