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Prep of sodium chloride

Prep of sodium chloride - The Na 2 SO 4 is one of your...

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Piper Gunderson Preparation of Sodium Chloride Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to prepare sodium chloride through a metallic double replacement reaction of sodium sulfate with barium chloride. Na 2 SO 4 + BaCl 2 2NaCl + BaSO 4 Materials: balance 0.5g Na 2 SO 4 0.73g BaCl 2 2-100ml beakers Procedure: 1. Obtain 0.5g NaSO 4 and 0.73g BaCl 2 in the 100 ml beakers. 2. Dissolve each reagent with a small amount of water (20 ml) 3. Pour one solution into the other and observe the reaction Results: Initial Reaction: The BaCl 2 and the Na 2 SO 4 combined and turned into a very milky color solution. First 10 minutes: The Barium sank to the bottom. It appeared a thick white color. The liquid the accumulated on the top, appeared cloudy. Last 10 minutes (after 20 minutes): The Barium remained at the bottom and the liquid on the top became clearer. Diagrams: A beaker is essential to this experiment. Make sure to measure all your solutions correctly before adding them into the beakers. http://www.humboldtmfg.com/c-8-p-522-id-8.html
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Unformatted text preview: The Na 2 SO 4 is one of your starting compounds. You want to measure it using a scale. http://www.ecvv.com/product/2812306.html This diagram shows that the original solution and how it combines and becomes a supernate and a precipitate. http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/Inorganic_Chemistry/Reactions_in_Aqueous_Solutions/Precipitation_Rea ctions Safety Information: It is important to be cautious of the chemicals used. You do not want to eat or directly smell them as they could become harmful. Also avoid eye contact with any solution. Conclusion: We were able to conclude that the compounds “changed” places through the double replacement reaction. The Barium combined with the SO 4 and the Na combined with the sodium. The BaSO 4 then became the precipitate of the solution while the 2NaCl became the supernate. This showed us that the compounds can switch places and create products....
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Prep of sodium chloride - The Na 2 SO 4 is one of your...

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