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english some like it hot

english some like it hot - Piper Gunderson AP English Some...

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Piper Gunderson AP English Some Like it Hot S ome Like it Hot utilized comic elements of disguise and masquerade to challenge traditional gender attitudes. In this comedic masterpiece, two men from Chicago are witness to a mob shooting. Forced into hiding, they disguise themselves as women and join an all-girl music band that travels down to Florida to play some shows at a hotel. They spend the rest of the movie masquerading back and forth between fictional characters as they try to stay alive, avoid trouble, and find love at the same time. In the scene where all of the girls in the band are playing at the beach and Sugar gets meets Junior for the first time after he trips her, Some Like it Ho t uses visual effects to give meaning to this masquerade, challenged traditional gender roles and attitude and Marilyn Monroe as an object of a male’s desire. The costume selections, camera angles, and colors have a great deal in affecting this scene. Many interpretations can be made due to the colors of the costumes, or the
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